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Harbin Longping woodwork Co., Ltd  is a leading factory that produces wooden products such as ice cream sticks, paint paddles and wooden skewers.

We are located in Harbin City - the capital of Heilongjiang Province of China, there are many important forest areas around here, that's why all of our products are made of top grade material.

Our products have already been exported to more than 30 countries for more than 15 years, they have won great reputation for their steady and excellent quality.                                    more



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Ice Cream Stick

Ice Cream Stick

Magnum Stick

Ice Cream Spoon

Paint Paddle

Wooden Skewer

Paint Can opener

Wooden Round Stick











No. 287 Xue Fu Road

Harbin China 150086



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General Manager:

Ms. Shuqin Zhang


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