Blunt Point Skewers
  • Blunt Pointed Wood Safe Skewer For Kids

    Blunt Pointed Wood Safe Skewer For Kids

    Not only is it perfect for marshmallow roasting but it's also safe for sausages, hot dogs, appetizers, grilling meat or any other delicious food ideal for roasting around the camp fire Or use them as gardening sticks for plants such as tomatoes Perfect to use for any outdoor events, camping, birthday party, etc Semi-pointed end tips to ensure that kids are safe from sharp objects Extra long so kids have no reason to be close to the fire pit. Guaranteed NO SPLINTERS to also ensure safety not just for kids but for you as well

  • 114 Mm Birchwood Corn Skewer With Blunt Skewer

    114 Mm Birchwood Corn Skewer With Blunt Skewer

    Strong and Practical: made of natural birch wood and each length is 5.25", these skewers are thick and long enough for hands to hold steady and sturdy enough for heavy-duty food. Smooth and Safe: the surface of these skewers is smooth without thorn by sanding treatment and tips are tapered to a blunted semi-point for easier piercing and no danger while eating.

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